Monday, January 12, 2015

Some Thoughts on WordPress vs Blogger

I was recently advised to use Blogger for my blogs, a platform I gave up on several months ago when I switched to WordPress.

I have managed to correct some of the problems I had with Blogger.  I have discovered how to set up pages on the home page, similar to WordPress, but I've yet to discover how to create sub-pages on Blogger, which is easily done on WordPress.

For those of The Author's Club using Blogger and want to display more posts on the home page, it's really quite simple.   Go to Overview, click on Posts and Settings, and then insert how many posts you'd like displayed in the Show at Most box .  You can put 20 in the box, or even more.  Also, click the down arrow to insure you are using 'Posts' as your number and not 'days'.

I am still frustrated by the ability to share my posts on Blogger with my Twitter accounts.  WordPress makes it easy to share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and a dozen other sites.  Or maybe a half dozen.  Blogger requires a third-party application that is cumbersome at best.

Nor have I found SEO capabilities in Blogger.  In WordPress, I have Categories and Tags that are included in the SEO.  I'm sure Blogger has the capability to use SEO, but I haven't found it yet.  I will keep looking, and get back to everyone.